What it is cost a good trading strategy

In Currently, there are a small number of variants of earnings on the basis of free trading.

The first is the possibility of earning without investment include special accounts Forex brokers, for example, ecn account. Some brokerage companies provide investment accounts that are enrolled as a capital for the trading involved traders. Such accounts are limited by material amounts on deposit and speculators conditions. Of course, a decent earnings in the early stages of trade here do not count, but you can not get material costs such a valuable experience in the Forex. However, a number of restrictive measures in the accounts does not allow to fully test all trading opportunities as well as some types of trading systems simply do not work here. But the use of the investment broker accounts to free trade allows everyone to start from scratch on the Forex. And over time, the deposit can be increased many times, which will operate in the considerable money and receive full income. Although it requires to fulfill all the difficult conditions of the special trading broker.

Other features of free trading basically involve some initial material costs. In addition to the bonus trade, you can select to raise funds on its own account manager. To do this, you must be a successful manager of a trader, showing a good trading results over a sufficiently long period of time.

If your business strategy is based on fundamental analysis, then you are very important forex trading news. So on Thursday, June 23 in the UK will hold a referendum on withdrawal from the EU. Polling stations opened at 9:00 GMT and close at 0.00 GMT. It is known that the data Exit poll did publish that private companies, but their accuracy of the data is questionable. The votes will be counted in 382 centers and preliminary results are expected at 03.00 Moscow time on June 24th. Interim results will be announced between 04.00 GMT and 06.30 GMT, and the final will be informed at 11:00 EDT. trading news today forex to always be aware of the news under

But the overall picture of the market is that fewer and fewer investors awaited the release of the EU the possibility of the UK. In particular, one of the many examples is the auction of 5-year US Treasury yield, for which demand was at its lowest level in 7 years. Reduce its presence as US institutional investors and investment funds, and foreign central banks. Because of this, the primary dealers took the biggest part in the redemption of bonds in August 2015.

Weak demand for US Treasuries explains the mood of the market in respect of the upcoming referendum in the UK. Markets are laid on the preservation of Britain’s membership in the EU and direct their funds to riskier assets, therefore, the demand for government bonds fell.

As of June 15, according to the report of the US Treasury, many central banks have reduced the volume of investments in US Treasuries by $ 25.2 billion. For one month or up to $ 4.046 trillion. It is noteworthy that the most sold the Bank of England.

Another proof that markets do not really even believe in Brexit, is the fact that the rate of GBP / USD pair continues to trade at relatively high levels compared with those who could be seen a week ago.

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