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The multichannel strategy of Argos and the way it offers its customer a seamless experience across all channels makes it superior among all. Here are some of important features of Argos that makes it the UK’s top multichannel retailer.

In-store Experience
According to Retail Week reports, online sales only account for small percentage of total sales. This means that sales are more generated in stores. Argos’ success lies in heavily investment in store technology. They have replaced old systems with tablet devices. Customers can now make a purchase easily via their digital kiosk instead of queuing to pay a cashier.

Speed and Convenience
Customer’s satisfaction and convenience is an important factor in Argos’s success. The aim of Argos is to provide the fastest option possible. Argos offers click and collect option- this reduces basket abandonment effectively. What’s more, it offers Fast Track, which means that customer can pick their orders on same day, also if orders are placed before 6 pm then they get same-day delivery. Collectively, all this means that customers are no longer bound to retailer’s working hours. They have full freedom or flexibility to choose where and how they receive their products at their own convenience.

Mobile-friendly Site
Argos’s multichannel business strategy is clearly making an impression all over UK. Argos’s user-friendly mobile site and a sleek mobile app enables retailer to better line up its digital and physical worlds, and allow users to streamline the in-store experience. The app also offers a reservation number to users for quick collection of their items. Moreover, features like geo-location technology and barcode scanner allow a smooth shopping experience.

Features of Ecommerce
Mostly retail stores have their own ecommerce site. But what makes Argos’s successful is its ease-of-use and appealing to use website. With stock visibility feature, Argos allows customers to view if an item is available or not. This is a useful feature visible on product pages of Argos. The tool also helps with other things like when the item in question will be in stock to pick up.

There are some other helpful features including question and answer tool. This tool helps customers with their queries about any item. Argos’s mega-menu is also very impressive, giving customers to view all the available categories at single time, without a need to scroll or click through.


The key features to become a successful retailer are a decent ecommerce offering, use of latest in-store technology, and a smart distribution model.