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Even with its benefits, many people have a lot of misconceptions regarding multi channel retail marketing and they tend to believe many myths which are not true. Following are some of the most common myths regarding multi channel retail marketing.

  1. Only emails offer good ROI

Even though email marketing is seen as a very effective way of communicating with customers, it should not only be the marketing strategy used. If sending emails also made use of social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram etc it would make some sense, but this is not the case, thus this statement would not be considered as being true. Emails are only one single part of your marketing strategy, therefore it is important to use other social media sites as your marketing strategy because customers are bound to look at various channels. When a business uses all these mediums, they are bound to increase their ROI.

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  1. Too many channels means spamming

Many people believe that having multiple channels would mean spamming, as one single message would be sent across every channel which is bound to irritate the customers, however this is not true.  Multi channels do mean that a firm is to spread a message across various channels, but it does not mean that the message has to be completely identical. The message can be different in design, content and wordings. When passing out a message across channels, firms are most likely going to frame the content in various ways while keeping the core concept the same.

  1. Copying someone’s marketing messages will give you success

This is not true; copying does not lead to success. It may have worked for someone else but it is less likely to work for you. You can always take inspiration and ideas from other messages and content but copying it completely would mean that your work is plagiarized. The person whose work you have copied might fight out, or worse your customers may come to know that you have copied your content off someone else’s work.

  1. Multi channel marketing is costly and requires a bigger team

People thing that one person will be needed to look after each channel, which would mean a bigger and more costly team. This however is not true, because multi channel marketing is when you use various channels to reach out to your customers, it does not mean that one person will have to look after each specific channel. One single marketing team that you employ will be more than enough to look after all your channels.